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Online Courses

AstroVed's Independent Vedic Astrologers Support Program

6-Hour Bridge Course on 'How to Prescribe Remedies'

Thank you for becoming a member of AstroVed's Independent Vedic Astrologers Support Program.

As an astrologer, you have been practicing Vedic astrology to study and predict the future of your valued clients. To suggest appropriate remedies as a solution to their life problems, demands requisite knowledge.

AstroVed connects you with the world of Vedic remedies through this 6-hour intensive online training program. The Vedic remedy-prescribing techniques you learn here helps you to improve the lives of your valued customers.

AstroVed's Independent Vedic Astrologers Support Program training curriculum includes:

Introduction about AstroVed remedies

  • How to choose remedies
  • Introduction about AstroVed's 5 star quality homa

Identifying the malefic planets

  • How to identify unfavorable planets in the birth chart
  • How to find the intensity of the negatively placed planet

Tranquilization of Planets and Propitiating overlord as per Vedic text

  • How to pacify the planets and their overlords
  • How to determine family deities and ancestral issues
  • How to identify and remedy curse
  • How to determine which kind of remedial ritual and/or products will be most effective

Home remedies

  • Simple home remedies and techniques to address the life problem
  • AstroVed is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to offer Vedic solutions
  • 15 years of domain expertise
  • Expert panel of astrologers with years of experience
  • Extensive clientele across the world
  • 3 hundred thousand satisfied customers worldwide from our remedial rituals
Mode of Delivery: Online Time: 2 Hours per day
Presenter: Senior Astrologer in AstroVed Total Duration: 3 days
Course Fee: $90 (inclusive of course materials)